SecurityToday’s Internet can be a very scary place!  Hackers lurk virtually everywhere and they would be more than happy to takeover your website!  The best way for you to stay secure is to:

  • Use a CMS with strong security options
  • Employ, (USE), strong security strategies
  • Keep CMS Updated
  • Keep all tools updated
  • Do weekly backups of your data
  • Monitor your site daily

I offer a Tech Package for a low yearly fee you can read more about it here.  If you purchase the tech package I will take care of everything for you — all you have to do is add your content!

Even if you don’t purchase my tech package, I will provide you with the tools you will need to keep your site safe!  Without the tech package you will need to backup and DOWNLOAD those backups each week yourself.  And it is required that you maintain an updated CMS and all the plugins as well.  If your site gets hacked and you did not purchase my tech package your site will be taken down until you can clean it out.

Updates are easy — it’s a point and click process — BUT!  Be sure to BACKUP your files and database before updating.  Some updates can break your site.  Always save often, save early and you can easily recover.  Backups are easy — you can either schedule them and then download the zip or you can simply click a button which will create a full backup which will be stored online for you.  The scheduler I use will then send you an email where you can download the file from it or you can FTP the zip from your site once the backup is finished.

Although Backups are stored online that doesn’t mean your data is safe!  You need to download the zips to an offsite storage area to ensure your data is kept as safe as it can be.  If you purchase my Tech Package I will handle this for you.  If you don’t — you need to do this for yourself to keep your data truly safe.

If you have any questions concerning Security please feel free to Contact Me!