design-processMy Design Process is Five Easy Steps!


Following is an outline of the information I will need to aid you in getting exactly what you want.

My first step is to get a sense of what you want your site to do.  Function is important, yes, but knowing what the primary content will be is also important; it will allow me to assess what functions you may need.

I will then ask you what color schemes you had in mind and why.  Color is important — it speaks to the users sometimes more loudly than words.  Therefore color schemes are very important for the success of your site.  If I feel your color choices will hinder your site’s success I will tell you — but first I will listen to your preferences and figure out how we might use them.  There are exceptions to every rule — yes, even in webdesign and the psychology of colors!  In the end it’s all about the presentation and the mood we are trying to achieve.

I will ask if you have any ideas about the layout? If you don’t that’s ok!  If you do — then please feel free to share it with me!

Are there any OTHER websites that may have caught your attention?  Or aspects of another site that you absolutely loved? This will give me insight as to what catches your attention and appeals to you personally.  I can incorporate these aspects into your design too — reflecting you in your site is very important to me but also giving your site nifty cool features will appeal not only to you but to your users as well!

I will also ask if you have a logo and/or a slogan that can be used on your site.  Again, if you don’t have either, it’s ok!  We don’t need to have either, but if you do have them I can include them in my designs for you — which is why I ask.

I will ask you what kind of mood do you want your site to create?  Do you want it to be homey, art deco, noir, modern, old-fashioned, Victorian, etc?  This will help me to determine what kinds of fonts and images will suit your site best.  It doesn’t have to be any of those I listed — it can be anything.  But the mood will determine the fonts and images choices I make for your design.

If you create things you may want me to use elements of your creations in my design.  Do you have images you want used in the design?  If yes, I will have you email them to me.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any images!  If you create things I can talk you through how to take awesome pictures for your site!

Lastly, what functions would you like it to have?  (I save this for last for a reason… by now I have a good idea of what the site will be doing and I can help you figure out what functions you are likely going to want.)  Don’t worry!  We can always add more functionality at any time!  So there’s no pressure.  I simply want an overall idea of what you’ve got in mind.

Technical Information

Do you have a domain name already?  Do you have a host?  If you are hosting through me but own your own domain than I will explain to you how to change your DNS servers to point to the correct hosts.  If you have both than you will need to allow me access to your site through FTP and whatever control panel feature your host provides so I can setup the CMS and upload the themes.

Don’t have either?  No worries I offer hosting and I can help you with your domain name too!  I purchase all my domain names through — I highly recommend them!  If you don’t want to worry about DNS Servers or any other tech — I can purchase the domain name for you and handle all tech associated with it.  Please see Packages and Pricing for Prices.

Three Unique Designs for You to Browse Through

During this phase I will create three distinct and unique themes for you to browse through dependent on your preferences which you outlined for me during our consultation.  Once I have finished designing them I will set them up for you to review.  I will do this one of two ways:  on my test server or on your new site.  (Don’t worry!  I will install a “Coming Soon” on your site so that no one but you and I (and those you allow) will be able to see the site until we are finished.)

You pick and choose what You Like

Now it’s time for you to pick and choose what you like!

Here’s what you are looking for:

  1. Overall Layout — what do you like?  What don’t you like?  Which flow works best for you?
  2. Theme elements — Backgrounds, textures, buttons, Headings, graphics, Titles, etc.  Pay close attention to the small details and note what you like.
  3. Fonts — Pay close attention to the fonts.  Not just for the Header but for all aspects of the site.  Make a note of what you like and what you don’t.  Fonts are interchangeable between designs.
  4. Icons — Icons are used throughout my designs.  Please look over them for each theme.  Also look through the Examples page for a variety of social icons that fit your themes.  Icons are similar to fonts and can be switched up between designs.  It’s ok to like fonts on a layout you don’t love.  We can easily move those fonts to a layout you do love.
  5. Color Schemes
  6. Overall Mood that the layout inspires

Pass your notes on to me!

We Refine a Unique Look that’s Right for YOU!

Once you have given me your notes I will begin to refine a layout from your preferences.  When I am done I will upload it so you can look through it.  We will continue this process until you have the perfect layout.

In the meantime you can begin adding your information!  With a Content Management System, CMS, content and design are kept separate, so even though we may still be designing your site you can continue to add or update the info you will want on your site.